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Effective Methods to Treat Gum Disease in Kansas City, MO

Bacteria and plaque are two of the biggest enemies of healthy teeth. When plaque remains on the surface, it hardens, transforming into tartar, which can’t be removed by brushing at home. These conditions are the leading cause of gum disease, but the periodontists at Dental Specialists KC offer solutions for better oral health.
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The Deep Cleanse Your Teeth Need

Scaling and root planing are the safe and trusted methods periodontists use to remove the hardened substance that adheres to the surface of teeth, causing gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. We all get plaque, but regular brushing helps remove it. If it has the chance to evolve into tartar, a dentist will have to remove it for you.

What Is the Process for Scaling?

If tartar buildup is a concern for your teeth, a skilled member of our periodontal team may start with scaling to remove visible portions. This process involves using a vibrating scaler to chip away tartar above the gum line safely. Additional tools, such as a manual scaler or water sprayer, will help remove and wash the last bits out of the oral cavity.

What Is Involved in Root Planing?

Root planing is the same process as scaling, but as the name implies, it targets the roots of the affected teeth. Since the work is performed below the gum line, we use a tool to gently move the gum tissue out of the way to access the teeth roots. We may inject an antibiotic into the pockets of the gum to fight infection.
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We're Dedicated to Healthy Gums

Root planing and scaling by the periodontists at Dental Specialists KC in Kansas City, MO are shown to be beneficial treatments for gum disease. This process helps protect gum tissue and reduces the complications teeth and jawbones can suffer if tartar is left untreated. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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