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Dental Specialists KC offers endodontic treatments, commonly known as root canal therapy, to save patients in Kansas City, MO from losing teeth. Dental fillings usually don't provide enough protection when teeth become severely infected due to decay, chips, or cracks. However, we can return the tooth to good health through a root canal procedure.
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What Is a Root Canal Infection?

Underneath the white outer surface of teeth are additional layers, the innermost being a soft tissue called pulp. It's usually well protected, but bacteria in the mouth can penetrate below the surface and cause problems. If an infection reaches this area, the blood vessels and nerves in the pulp become inflamed, causing great pain for the patient.

Common Causes of Root Canal Infections

The best way to prevent a root canal infection is to brush for two minutes twice a day and floss regularly. Tooth decay is a leading cause of endodontic treatment. Still, even those with excellent oral hygiene can experience an infection. Other ways bacteria can reach the pulp include when a tooth is cracked, chipped, or fractured in an accident or from grinding.

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Unfortunately, an infected root canal won't go away on its own. Patients with inflamed pulp will experience various symptoms, such as constant tooth pain, tooth discoloration, sensitivity to cold and heat contacting the tooth, and swollen gums. You should see an endodontist if you're experiencing these symptoms or have a noticeable chip or crack.
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Our Process for Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment is very common, and we've successfully completed the procedure on numerous patients. Clients are given local anesthesia to remain comfortable. A small opening is made in the crown of the infected tooth, and the inflamed pulp is removed. When finished, we'll place a dental crown to bring the tooth to total health.

Relief for Root Canal Infections

If you’re experiencing persistent tooth pain and other symptoms associated with a root canal infection, contact Dental Specialists KC in Kansas City, MO. Our dentists will examine your teeth and determine if endodontic treatment is right for you. Damaged teeth don’t always have to be extracted. Let’s discuss your options.

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