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No More Waiting for Replacement Teeth

At Dental Specialists KC, we understand the sense of urgency that comes with replacing missing teeth, which is why we offer same-day teeth replacement for Kansas City, MO patients. Losing a tooth abruptly due to an accident or extraction can feel unsettling. We offer a quick process at our practice to fill the void with a replacement tooth in one visit.
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One Visit Vs. Multiple Trips to the Office

Traditional replacement methods for missing teeth typically involve multiple steps. A patient might first have to have a decayed tooth removed. Once that heals, the patient returns to have a replacement fitted in the space. That requires another trip to check progress a bit later. The same-day teeth procedure removes many of those trips.

What to Expect With Same-Day Teeth

Our method streamlines the process to offer a temporary tooth you can leave with immediately. If you’ve had a tooth removed or knocked out, our team can attach a replacement tooth in one visit using a bridge. Doing so allows you to leave our office with a temporary tooth until a long-term replacement can be placed at a later date.

Am I a Candidate for Same-Day Teeth?

Every patient faces unique circumstances, and we’ll need to review yours closely to determine if same-day teeth are an option for you. The procedure is available to those who need one or multiple teeth replaced. We’ll evaluate the health of your other teeth, gums, and jawbones before determining eligibility.
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Let's Discuss Your Options

Unlike a traditional dental implant, same-day teeth involve precautions we’ll discuss when you visit Dental Specialists KC. The full function of your teeth won’t be available right away, and you’ll be restricted to a soft diet at first. Still, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having a replacement completed in one visit with a follow-up scheduled later. Contact us to learn more.

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