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We’re Focused On Identifying and Treating Oral Diseases

The oral pathology department at Dental Specialists KC in Kansas City, MO identifies and determines the cause of various diseases in the mouth. This specialized area of dentistry requires extensive training and knowledge because of the research and diagnostics involved when treating patients. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our team.
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What Do Oral Pathologists Do?

While dentists are focused on ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy, oral pathologists concentrate on diseases that affect the oral cavity. Changes in appearance, such as sores or puss, and unexplainable conditions, like dry mouth or pain anywhere in the mouth or lips, are examples of conditions an oral pathologist can address.

When Should I See an Oral Pathologist?

Oral pathologists will address concerns your regular dentist doesn’t. Everyone should have routine oral exams, but anyone at risk of cancer due to smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or a history of oral cancer should visit an oral pathologist. An oral pathologist can also address any sores, swelling, tumors, or pain.

Common Diseases Requiring Treatment

It’s normal to be concerned about a change in feeling or appearance inside your mouth, and contacting an oral specialist is essential. Bacteria, germs, and lifestyle can all be the cause of one of the common diseases an oral pathologist will diagnose and treat. These typical cases include oral cancer, thrush, black hairy tongue, and herpes simplex type 1.
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Benefits of Seeing an Oral Pathologist

With the advanced training and education required to become an oral pathologist, our team is sure to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis and explanation for your condition. Proper assessment and the right approach to treatment are critical to getting you on the road to recovery. We’re committed to providing the best treatment plan for you.

Let’s Discuss Your Oral Concerns

If you notice a change in your mouth or have concerns about oral health, contact the professionals at Dental Specialists KC in Kansas City, MO. Our team will provide you with a thorough exam to determine the cause. With oral pathologists on staff, you’re guaranteed a healthcare professional trained and specialized in this area.

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