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A Long-Term Solution for Cracked and Missing Teeth

One of the most trusted methods of repairing cracked, damaged, and missing teeth is using dental crowns and bridges at Dental Specialists KC in Kansas City, MO. Through the work of our skilled and trusted team, you can find relief from common dental complications and bring back the appearance of a full-functioning set of teeth to your mouth.
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When Is a Dental Crown Used?

It's not uncommon for a damaged tooth to retain a strong and healthy root. In cases like this or after a root canal procedure, most of the remaining tooth can be saved by placing a crown on top to replace the damaged area. The dentist will remove the damaged portion, shape the remaining part, and fit a cap that will resemble the original tooth.

Dental Bridges for Larger Problems

In cases where one or more teeth are missing, the dentist might recommend a dental bridge to fill the gap. In these cases, dental crowns are used on the teeth adjacent to both sides of the empty space. The dental bridge is connected to the crowns and fills the void left by the missing teeth to form a complete row.

Your Comfort Is Always Top Priority

When completing dental crowns and bridges or any of our other restorative procedures, we always take steps to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. Using a local anesthetic, we’ll numb the area around the space we work in as we prepare the teeth. Crowns and bridges are custom-fitted to ensure accurate fit and comfort.
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We Bring Back Your Smile

Visit Dental Specialists KC in Kansas City, MO for top-quality care and reliable dental crowns and bridges. These standard procedures have been used in the dental industry for a long time because they’re proven effective and will last for years with proper care. If you’re experiencing dental complications, visit us for help.

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